About Us

Working with, and for our customers

In business since the 1950’s, Better Wire products is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural wire products in North America.

Better Wire continued to expand its products, application expertise, and production capabilities to meet our customers’ needs. We work to understand each customer’s unique business needs and move to give you what you want, when you want it, at globally competitive prices. Quick turnaround, consistent quality, and flexibility to adapt to changing situations results in long-term customer relationships.

Our Service

Our service driven philosophy and rapid turnaround time on product and quote delivery has helped us to develop long-standing relationships with our customers.

By continually investing in the latest software and fabrication equipment, Better Wire and Press is well-equipped to assess your manufacturing challenges and provide solutions.

Internationally Competitive Pricing

Better Wire and Press’ proven success has come from years of providing exceptional customer service, innovative design, and economical product creation.

Our main facility is located in Buffalo, NY. Our low overhead and manufacturing costs enable us to offer the best value in the business of welded wire assemblies and metal products.

Innovation, quality, versatility, and competitive pricing have established Better Wire and Press’ place in North America as well as the international Market.