Custom Metalworking and Fabrication in Buffalo NY

Metal Stamping


Forsyth has been providing custom-made metal components to the plastics, medical, copy products, refrigeration, hydraulic, electronic/electrical, automotive, hardware, toy/juvenile products, and various other consumer products industries throughout New York State and the Northeast for more than 100 years.

Powder Coating


Presses in-house range from 15 to 150 tons. Capabilities include progressive, compound, and single station blanking, drawing and forming dies suited for short-run to high-volume jobs.

Iron Phosphating


A surface preparation that offers superior coating adhesion for paints, powders, rubber, and many other top coat materials.

Steel Wire and Rod Products


Cut-to-length wire products, such as axles, rods, and hinge pins with diameters ranging from .062” to .438” and lengths from .250” to 8 feet.

Other Services


A wide variety of additional services complement our metal products, such as welding, sanding, and vibratory deburring. We can also perform assembly and packaging functions.